CEO and President Steve Piazza on why pizza is more than just a meal to the Wild Mike’s family.



When my father began this business 50 years ago, he had a vision: to fulfill the American dream with a family business.

He taught me that people are defined by the love, passion and effort they put into their work and home lives, and that whatever you do in life, you do it at your highest level.

That’s why wild mike’s ultimate pizza is more than just a meal. Wild Mike’s is a shared experience that brings families and groups together for an enjoyable, engaging, and substantial connection over food, and that’s something we feel great about.

Ron & Carol Piazza

Ron & Carol Piazza

After 40 years, I still love making and eating pizza and I’m consumed with not only making the best pizza but removing the litany of fake ingredients of frozen pizzas past. The result is a clean-labeled, great tasting, super-sized pizza that can actually feed the entire family.

I’m proud to serve Wild Mike’s not just to my grandchildren, but to anyone and everyone who loves pizza. I get a kick out of reading letters from our customers — the pizza rebels — when they first discover Wild Mike’s. It’s because of this enthusiasm, and people loving our product and sharing their stories, that my team and I are inspired and motivated to continue on the quest to make the perfect frozen pizza.

¬†Welcome to the family, pizza rebels. We’re glad you came.

Steve Piazza