Our pizza rebels are family.
They come from all over the world and have different backgrounds, shapes, sizes and colors. But they all have these things in common: They are rebelling against artificial ingredients. They are rebelling against overpriced pizza that won’t feed a group. Here’s to you, Pizza Rebels!

We work hard for our pizza rebels and invite everyone to join the pizza rebel revolution! Here are some letters from the pizza rebels:

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I am super impressed by your product. Over 2 pounds, delicious cheese and sauce and don’t even get me started on crust. I was also impressed on how it only takes 12-16 minutes for how big it is. I’ve been a pizza lover for years. I started off with Tonys, moved to Jacks, Tombstone, but in the end they all started selling out and reducing the quality of their product. I hope you keep this up and I will never stop buying from you.”

MikeSue Calderone
Sebring, FL

I just wanted to tell you how much my family loves your pizza especially the supreme. We have purchased other brands but nothing beats the taste or quality of yours. So a big thumbs up to all you from the Chase family!

MikeSamantha Chase
St. Paul, Minnesota

I just discovered Wild Mike’s pizza in freezer section @ Wal-Mart. Wow! My Italian husband says it’s close to his grandma’s. Please don’t change a thing. It is great from toppings to crust. It doesn’t resemble a frozen pizza at all. We had the combination & are anxious to try the others. I ate 4 pcs. I never eat that much! Seriously.

MikeNancy Loth
Menomonee Falls, WI

I wanted to drop you a line and say “thank you” for making a pizza that doesn’t taste like the cardboard box that it comes in. I’ve tried them all event he gourmet ones that promise ony the best organic fresh crap they think tastes good. You kept it simple and you kept it with the right amount of everything so you taste real pizza. Keep up the good work! I’ll explore all your flavors and I know if you got the simple one right, the pepperoni, you nailed the rest.

MikeRachel Morgan
Pensacola, FL

Just a note to say I have become a customer for life. I normally do not write to a company, but I bought the super sized sausage and pepperoni at wal-mart here in Huntsville, AL.

It was fantastic and as I said, I have become a customer for life.

Well done folks!

MikeJoe Voigt
Huntsville, AL
MikeChad Everett Hohenwald, TN

Holy amazing pizza!! Wow! I’m so floored after eating Wild Mike’s pizza because it’s the most delicious pizza my family and I have EVER ate and we live in New York!! The crust, the sauce, the cheese, the toppings – just shaking my head as I’m writing this e-mail because I’m in disbelief a frozen pizza could taste this incredible! Tonight was our third time eating it and have even recruited our other family members to become Wild Mike’s pizza fans! Everyone agrees it’s the best quality we have ever tasted and the colors and the advertising on the box is so great!! Easy to pick out when we tell our family and friends what pizza to get!! I just wanted to write you and let you know just how this pizza has changed our too busy to cook/movie/any day of the week nights!! Thanks for your time! Keep up the great work!

MikeSusan Sherman

I wanted to take a moment and reach out and compliment your products. We are a large family of 7, 5 children and 2 adults, on a very tight budget, with a recently disabled husband. Your products have been my go-to through all of my recent pregnancy! Our finances keep us from being able to shop for more then $25-$50 a week for groceries, but we love splurging sometimes! I’m a super busy mother as you can imagine, but your products work with our family. We love that they are super yummy and always work in a pinch! We love that your prices are affordable, however we always look to use coupons whenever we shop to keep our costs low. We love that many companies offer coupons, samples and sometimes send out care packages for families having a hard time. I hope you will consider us for any such things. I can’t wait to post about all your amazing products on my Instagram!
Thank you for your time!

MikeHeidi Clough


Last night my husband and i were in wal-mart walking down the frozen pizza isle when this huge pizza box caught my husbands eye and we decided to get it. So I heated it up for lunch today now me myself am a die hard pizza lover most of the frozen pizzas are good enough but this pizza WOW The only thing missing was a waiter offering fresh grated parmesan cheese and red pepper!

That is one great product thank you for doing such an excellent job!

MikeRaven Robichaux

I just had to send you an email to tell you how much my family of five loves your pizzas.  I’m married to an Italian who is very choosy when it comes to his “pie”.  I also have one child that for years wouldn’t eat pizza of any kind.  Both agree that this is a great pizza from the crust to the zesty sauce to the tons of tasty toppings, and the rest of us agree too!

You’ve made pizza a family meal for us again, and I am very thankful!

MikeCheryl Tumbarello

I am just writing to let you know that today was the first time we purchased your pizza,  and I have to tell you that it is the best frozen pizza my family has ever eaten!
You guys will definitely be our go to for frozen pizza from now on!

Thank you for making such a great product!!!

MikeKelly Swiderski

I just wanted to tell you how much my family loves your pizza especially the supreme. We have purchased other brands but nothing beats the taste or quality of yours. So a big thumbs up to you all from the Chase family!

MikeSamantha Chase

" Mr. Piazza,

I just had the pleasure of trying one of your products (Ultimate Cheese) and I felt compelled to touch base with you. As a full blooded Italian from Philadelphia, I feel like I know a thing or two about pizza. Good pizza is practically a religious experience. I'm here to tell you that your pizza was by far, hands down the BEST frozen pizza I've ever...EVER...had. I was so impressed with the thick (but not too thick) crust. It baked perfectly with a wonderful crunch on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside. The sauce was tasty...not over seasoned, and perfectly proportioned. The four cheese blend was delicious! It melted perfectly and was just as good as if I grated it myself. The thing I appreciated most was the size. We have a family of four and a regular sized frozen pizza won't feed all of us. Your pizza was perfect for us and actually ended up saving us money since we only had to buy one. It's rare when a frozen product delivers in all areas. You usually understand that you have to sacrifice something to save money. But your product exceeded my expectations with both great taste and great value. You've won over a cynical consumer and earned a repeat customer. Thank you!
MikeTony Ganci

Just a not so quick note, I was in Walmart at Milford and saw your pizza——hmmm.  Well I was going to buy one of the other frozen brands but knew it wasn’t my choice as we had tried the other names before.  When I saw your surfer/70s style box, being off beat myself- I brought it home   . My husband says why you’d buy this for.  No question really as it was more of a statement.  I say because I felt it was right——I told him how I had a big decision to make there.

I couldn’t decide 4 cheeses, hawaiian, combo, or Supreme.  Since a major rainstorm came up and I wasn’t leaving very soon —I finally picked what we call garbage pizza, the one with everything in the house.   The supreme, so on with the story.  I took my Dog (who is a L.E.A.P. dog——where little ones read to him)  to the library later that night.  As hubby was responsible to have it heated up when Duke and I would get home, I was pleasantly surprised he couldn’t wait for me to start eating it.  His comment was your really going to like this pizza as he was gobbling it down as we came thru the door!  Umm, he was right.  Very good job.    Duke even loved his last  bite of pizza crust that we both gave to him. We have been married 40 years and remember to give credit to what makes our life happy.  Thus this email. I am now ready to try hanging on to the bar codes to get a free t-shirt.

MikePam Kerstetter

I have to hand it to you guys!  I bought this on a whim in Walmart, and being a partially ex-dead head stoner pizza expert…….im always looking for a better pie!
This one took the 1st place prize!!!  Thank you so much for making the most badass, tasty, and oversized frozen pizza ive ever eaten.  In a time when companies are cutting corners and reducing quality of products,  you showed me that you still care about munchie infested old hippies!  Thank you for a quality product. Your company is a diamond in the rough!
Ever faithfully a customer,

MikeDavid Brook

Hi! I wasn’t sure who to contact so I figured I would go right to the top!  We tried your combo pizza last night having seen it for the first time at the Walmart in Corry, PA.  We r glad we did!  The eye-catching artwork drew us in, the “2lbs” of pizza made us chuckle, and the price made us smile 🙂  The pizza was excellent!   We will definately buy it again 🙂  Thanks for providing a superior product at a great price for 3 people that really enjoyed the entire experience 🙂

MikeLisa Beeman

I just had your pizza for the first time and I honestly say, I will never
eat any other brand (frozen or restaurant)  ever again.
You guys have the
best freakin pizza out there. Seriously, no joke. Just wanted to share that.

Best wishes,

MikeSara Schuler

Tried my first of probably MANY Wild Mikes today. I gotta say…the advertising is great. I was sold on it by the bold layout, and being tempted with the 2 plus pounds, 4 different cheeses, and pepperoni… well who in thier right mind could walk past one & not take it home. Best thing though, this pie is DELICIOUS!!  Absolutely the best frozen pie EVER. First bite was an OMG moment. Keep making pies this good & ill keep eatin ’em.

Mike Jim from Brownsville, PA

Hi my name Jeff, I purchased your brand of pizza one day to try it out and i have to say its a great product, i had the ultimate pepperoni great flavor and plent of topping you don’t find that with most frozen pizza, and of course was plenty to fed me and my family! : )  I just wanted to write and give your company props for a great product once again, 🙂
Your satisfied customer.

MikeJeff Day

Hello, my name is Robert Keltch (robertdeankeltchii@gmail.com) and I wanted you and your company to know that your product has renewed my faith in the frozen pizza industry. I bought one of your supreme pizzas on a whim. I have never had great expectations when it comes to any pizza found in the freezer section at any supermarket. Usually, I feel that I’m paying for convenience and not quality; Wild Mike’s has changed that perception. A crisp, but not too crisp, crust paired with quality toppings at a college student’s budget price has made your pizza one that I will buy at least once a week. Thank you for your vision and , more importantly, thank you for putting a product on the market that I can stand behind with honesty.
Sincerely yours and a continuing customer,

MikeRobert D. Keltch II

I found this pizza while I was shopping in Walmart. Thought I’d give it a try because the pizza look bigger than any other frozen pizza. Well, to my surprise it was the best pizza I have ever bought Frozen. I hope you keep selling it in Walmart or ShopRite or Stop and Shop on the East Coast. Thank you so much for a great experience buying your pizza.

MikeAnn Marie Phillips

Im writing this email to explain how amazing your pizza is! The box has always caught my eye but ive always been scared to try new things finally i tried it and oooohhhhh my gosh!! How amazing!! its my new favorite i will not be buying anything different, and it was sooo hard to get my kids to eat pizza and your pizza changed that, they sat down and ate 4 pieces each! thank you for this awesome product!!! love it!!

MikeNew #1 Fan Kayla and family!

" Mr. Piazza,

Hello Steve we just purchased the super size pepperoni from Walmart Panama City Beach store, and I must say I was quite surprised at the flavor of the pizza, I especially liked the cheese combination and the soft mild flavored crust.  I looked online because I had never heard of this brand, and I wanted to let you know good job on these pizzas!  Very good quality for the money and quite frankly puts Digiorno and Fresshitta to shame.  I hope to see this brand stay on the shelves at Walmart for a very fair price, which I felt it was at about $5.75.  Glad we tried it   Again great job on the pizza and the very flamboyant box which really drew my attention, and the cheese selection was great as well.   I hope you and your company great success, and hope to see you surpass the big boys which I think you will in 2-3 years or less!   Thanks

MikeTony Oswald

I consider my self somewhat of an expert on frozen pizza’s. I have had a pizza ranking list on my fridge for some time now and am happy to inform you that your pizza has been awarded 5 stars. I believe I can now end my search for the best frozen pizza and would request that the Wal-Mart near 215 and Rainbow in Las Vegas is never out of stock. It makes sense that you guys make such great pizza since you can’t spell Piazza without Pizza. Also my roommate is from New York and even he said, “That’s actually pretty good pizza.”

MikeJustin Norfleet

MikeJillian Sabecky
Warren Run, PA
MikeMike Coyle
Deerfield Beach, FL
MikeTyson Bell
Sandy, OR