You’ve met Wild Mike’s Ultimate Super Sized Pizza — the pie that feeds the whole family. Now say hello to WILD MIKE’S FUN SIZED PIZZA — the cure for the individual craving.

Boasting all the same ingredients, flavors and craftsmanship as its big brother, Wild Mike’s Fun Sized Pizza packs Super Sized quality and taste into a pizza made for one.

Unlike the 7-inch personal pizzas you’ll find in the frozen food aisle, Wild Mike’s Fun Sized Pizza is 9 full inches of buttery crust, a four-cheese blend, signature zesty sauce and no shortage of toppings. It’s big enough to fill you up, but not too big to drag you down.

Available in the same classic flavor combos adored by Wild Mike’s fans nationwide, Fun Sized is the new go-to for the solo Pizza Rebel in your life.

Fun sized 9" pizza

Fun Size Combo

fun size combination

Fun Size Cheese

cheese fun size

Fun Size Hawaiian

fun size Hawaiian

Fun Size Pepperoni

fun size pepperoni

Fun Size 3-Meat

fun size 3 meat

Fun Size Supreme

fun size supreme