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Crushed red pepper and Italian spice packets

It’s All About Quality…

Wild Mike’s is an ultra-premium product that features high quality ingredients, including our signature zesty sauce made from scratch.

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High quality pizza that feeds a family at a great value!

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We Love Our Schools!

The kids can’t wait for pizza day when it’s Wild Mike’s on the lunch menu.

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Want to carry Wild Mike’s in your school so bad you can taste it? Our reps have you covered. Email us below! 

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Size Matters


The most popular pizza size in the U.S. is 14 inches. So who needs another 11-inch pizza in the frozen aisle? Wild Mike’s Ultimate 14 inch pizza feeds the whole family, and appeals to the masses!

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  • super size 4 cheese
    Super Size 4 Cheese
  • super size combination
    Super Size Combination
  • super size pepperoni
    Super Size Pepperoni
  • super size supreme
    Super Size Supreme


You’ve met Wild Mike’s Ultimate Super Sized Pizza — the pie that feeds the whole family. Now say hello to Wild Mike’s Fun Sized Pizza  — the cure for the individual craving.

Try our Fun Sized Pizza

  • Fun Size 4 Cheese
  • Fun Size Combination
  • fun size pepperoni
    Fun Size Pepperoni
  • fun size Hawaiian
    Fun Size Hawaiian
  • Fun Size Supreme
  • Fun Size 3 Meat


Join the revolution!

Join the Revolution! Our Pizza Rebels are part of our family.

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