Here at wild mikes, we’re all about coming together as family.

What makes us a great community?
The quality of our people and the quality of our pizza.

Steve Piazza
Stephen Piazza II
Vice President/COO
Mike Piazza
K-12 Food Service Director
Scott Conerly
Vice President of Marketing
Gary Gunderson
QA/R+D Manager
Holly Carscallen
Director of Scheduling
Geoff Hakanson
Director of Automation
Karla Chan
Accounts Payable
Gio Nicosia-Espino
Accounts Receivable
Ely Nicoll
Human Resources Manager
Tim Groza
Logistics Coordinator
Colleen Moreno
Director of Retail Sales
Paolo Mottola
Direct Events & Store Marketer Manager
Leah Wilcox
Digital & Design Manager
Brittany Ronco
Marketing Coordinator
Marlena Caton
K12 Corporate Assistant
Mark Webb
K-12 East Coast Sales Manager
Diana McCarthy
K-12 Northeast Regional Manager
Bonnie Britt
Regional Sales Manager
Patty Meeks
K-12 Southwestern Sales Manager
Dana Saverino
K-12 Midwest Sales Manager
Andrew Piazza
K-12 Samples Coordinator
Kevin Horn
K-12 Southcentral Sales Manager
Jessica Robison
Retail Sales Assistant