The most popular size pizza in the US is a 14 inch pizza

People are communal by nature. Pizza is the world’s greatest communal food. So what is missing in your frozen pizza set to provide the people with this communal product? It’s not another 11-inch pizza.

What’s missing is the #1 selling pizza size that is not offered in the set.

The pizza that feeds the whole family, the group — the communcal item.

That item is our 14-inch pizza!

In today’s world, size matters.

Compare this to trying to fit all of the kids into the old sedan. It doesn’t work nearly as well as today’s suv. The same goes for trying to feed a family with an 11-inch pizza. Customers must go purchase outside of the store to purchase a pizza that feeds more than two people.

We must adapt to the needs of our consumers.

This is why Wild Mike’s Ultimate Super Sized pizza was created.

Resetting a door for the 14-inch pizza provides your consumer with the product they want and need.

  • Super Sized Supreme

  • Super Sized Pepperoni

  • Super Sized Combo

  • Super Sized Cheese

Customer approval:

"Just wanted to let you guys know this is the best frozen pizza we have ever had. I have 4 picky kids and they all loved it. Great value, great price, great size, and great taste, Thank you from a dad who had to make dinner."

ceo-logo Randy Wiggins
St. Paul, Minnesota